Paying your membership fees

Direct debit

Processed from bank, building society and credit union accounts. Deducted monthly on the 15th of each month or fortnightly on Thursday (depending on pay date).

Credit card

One-off payments processed from Visa Card, MasterCard. Pay by phone by calling 1300 276 468 (24 hours a day, seven days a week. Payments must be over $10).

On-going payments deducted monthly on the 15th of each month or fortnightly on Thursday (depending on pay date).

Direct Debit Request / Credit card payment

Direct Debit Service Agreement

BPAY your fees

Contact your participating financial institution to make this payment directly from your cheque, savings or credit card account.

Pay online

Click here to pay your fees online.

Cheque or money order

Payments should be sent to the QNMU, GPO Box 1289, Brisbane, QLD, 4001.

Cash payments

Cash is only payable in person at QNMU offices.

Important information

  • Scheduled payments: if the next scheduled direct debit or credit card payment is a weekend or public holiday then the direct debit is processed on the next working day.
  • Changes to account details: any changes to bank account details etc should be in the QNMU office at least three working days before the next scheduled processing date.
  • Correct fee:  please ensure you are paying the correct membership fee. Paying an incorrect fee can affect your industrial and professional coverage.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Please note that you will be covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance* once the Union has received your signed application form and payment of your dues. Your coverage is determined by your application - that is, if you join as a part-timer, but are working in excess of 48 hours per fortnight you may not be covered. You also need to ensure that if your circumstances change that you advise the union as soon as possible to ensure that your insurance coverage is maintained.
* Independent privately practising midwives are not covered by the QNMU Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Contact the QNMU membership team

Phone: 07 3840 1440 or free call (outside of Brisbane): 1800 177 273
How much are membership fees?

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