If you are a member and require urgent assistance... 

Please contact our Member Connect Team on (07) 3099 3210 or 1800 177 273 (toll-free outside Brisbane) or email [email protected]
You can also fill out an online Request for Representation form. If you have a pre-existing matter please refer to our Member Representation policy, particularly the section on ‘New members and pre-existing matters’. 

Office locations

Office (click for map)LocationPhoneFaxPostal
QNMU Brisbane Office106 Victoria Street WEST END, QLD 410107 3840 144407 3844 9387GPO Box 1289 BRISBANE, QLD 40011000759
QNMU Bundaberg Office44 Maryborough Street BUNDABERG, QLD 467007 4199 610107 4151 6066PO Box 2949 BUNDABERG, QLD 46701003945
QNMU Cairns OfficeUnit 6 321 Sheridan Street CAIRNS NORTH, QLD 487007 4031 446607 3844 9387PO Box 846N CAIRNS NORTH, QLD 48701003946
QNMU Gold Coast Office14 Ashmore Road BUNDALL, QLD 421707 3099 310107 3844 9387GPO Box 1289 BRISBANE, QLD 40011983663
QNMU Rockhampton Office286 Quay Street ROCKHAMPTON, QLD 470007 4922 539007 4922 3406PO Box 49 ROCKHAMPTON, QLD 47001003947
QNMU Toowoomba Office66 West Street TOOWOOMBA, QLD 435007 4659 720007 4639 5052PO Box 3598 TOOWOOMBA, QLD 43501003948
QNMU Townsville Office53 Thuringowa Drive KIRWAN, QLD 481707 4772 541107 3844 9387PO Box 4553 KIRWAN, QLD 48171003949

Office hours

QNMU offices across the state are all open from 8.30am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, except public holidays. 

If you wish to speak to a specific QNMU officer, we encourage you to ring and make appointment first as staff are often away from the office visiting workplaces, attending negotiations or otherwise assisting members.

Christmas closures

Please be aware QNMU offices around the state generally close for one week over Christmas and New Year.

During this time members who need emergency advice or assistance can ring the Brisbane office on 07 3840 1444 or 1800 177 273 (toll free outside Brisbane) and leave a message.

For more details about the QNMU Christmas closure, please check this page and our Facebook page in December.

Other contacts

General membership inquiries:

Contact our Membership Team on 07 3840 1440 or 1800 177 273 (toll-free outside Brisbane) or email [email protected]

General inquiries and advice:

Contact our Brisbane office on 07 3840 1444 or 1800 177 273 (toll-free outside Brisbane) 

Media inquiries and interviews:

Contact our Media Team on 0422 550 278 or our Brisbane office on 07 3840 1444
For media releases click here.

QNMU publications and InScope magazine inquiries:

Contact our Communications Team on 07 3099 3210 or email [email protected]

InScope magazine advertising:

Contact our Inscope Team on 07 3840 1463 or email [email protected]

Sponsorship inquiries:

Contact our Sponsorship Team on 07 3840 1430 or email [email protected]