Midwifery role in homebirth

The QNMU supports and promotes the provision of homebirth services across Queensland in both private and public models of care. The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) recognises the practice of homebirth is within the scope of practice for midwives and has set out expectations of midwives who provide private homebirth services (NMBA, 2021). There are complexities and challenges associated with offering homebirth services in the current Australian context, including insurance and collaborative arrangement issues. Currently, Queensland does not provide public funding homebirth options, unlike the rest of the Australian States and Territories. This policy outlines the key guiding principles the QNMU believes the public sector should employ in developing publicly funded homebirth models of care in Queensland.

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Creation Date: 04 Nov 2022

Latest Update: 04 Nov 2022

Date Authored: 01 Oct 2022

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