Individual flexibility arrangements

Individual Flexibility Arrangements (IFA) allow variations to an enterprise agreement to meet the genuine needs of the employer and individual employees, while ensuring minimum entitlements and protections are not undermined. IFAs must be superior to the terms of the enterprise agreement and no employee can be worse off under these arrangements. Once agreed, an IFA will become a term of the enterprise agreement as it applies to the individual employee, and can be enforced as such. Bear in mind that all IFAs cease to operate when a new enterprise agreement is made. This information sheet outlines who does an IFA affect, does my enterprise agreement permit IFAs, I am thinking about asking for an IFA - what should I do next, what are the potential negative implications of an IFA, what is the process for creating an IFA, my employer has asked me to enter into an IFA - do I have to, will Fair Work Australia oversee the creation and operation of my IFA, how do I terminate my IFA and what happens if I do, and you cannot be worse off under an IFA than under an agreement.

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