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QNMU members have expressed considerable distress around how public holiday entitlements are being implemented where nurses work Monday to Friday day shift only. That is, in units/services that close on public holidays and NUMs, CNCs, Nurse Educators, etc who only work Monday to Friday on the wards. This information sheet is relevant for those nurses working in public hospitals (covered by the Queensland Health Nurses and Midwives Award – State 2015). It also includes a QNMU template form, which can be used to roster for coverage of public holidays where coverage is required. This information sheet outlines public holiday entitlement for nurses who work Monday to Friday only, how is it decided which Monday to Friday workers will be required and who will not be required to work on a public holiday, plan ahead, guidelines, nurses who are required to hold themselves available for work on a public holiday, options for shift workers on public holidays, deployment and the 2022 Stand Down Arrangements for Public Holidays form.

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Creation Date: 25 Aug 2022

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