Workers compensation

Workers’ compensation is payment made to workers who sustain an injury or illness through their employment. It is regulated by the Workers Compensation and Rehabilitation Act 2003. It is compulsory for employers to pay injury insurance with WorkCover (or a self-insurer) who administers the fund. This information sheet outlines what is workers' compensation, who is covered, when am I covered, what steps do I take to claim for a work-related injury, are there any time frames, do I have to take time off work, how long is it until my claim is decided by WorkCover, what happens if I make a 'stress' claim, how is payment made, when do I start being paid, what should I do if problems arise, what am I entitled to, what about rehabilitation, what happens if my claim is not approved and what happens if I am referred to a medical assessment tribunal.

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Creation Date: 25 Aug 2022

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Date Authored: 01 Jan 2021

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