Workplace harassment and bullying

Workplace harassment and bullying is unwanted and unsolicited repeated behaviour by a person (such as one’s employer or co-worker) that the victim (and others) finds offensive, intimidating, humiliating or threatening. In Queensland, workplace harassment and bullying is against the law, and can include obvious behaviours such as verbal / physical abuse, spreading rumours / disclosing confidential information about an employee, constant name calling, belittling or intimidation, and creating rumours or making false statements. Bullying and harassment may also include more subtle behaviours such as inappropriate rostering, constant unjustified criticism or complaints, setting unreasonable timelines, excessive scrutiny of work performance, and deliberately excluding a person from normal workplace activities. This information sheet outlines what is workplace harrassment and bullying, why workplace harassment should be treated as a serious issue, I'm being bullied at work - what can I do, who can I talk to, employer/employee obligations and references.

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Creation Date: 25 Aug 2022

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